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Programme und Daten zum Download
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PDF Dateien

RD200K_Schiffbau.pdf (266 KB)
Kehlnahtschweißer für den Stahlbau / Schiffbau

RD500J_Arbeitsanleitung.pdf (965 KB)
Verbindungsschweißen im Gleisbau

Programs and Data for Download
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PDF Files

RD200K_Shipbuilding.pdf (266 KB)
V-Shape Seam Welder for Steel Construction / Shipbuilding

RD500AS_WorkSheet.pdf (2.09 MB)
Standard Surfacing of Railway Rails

RD500HardFace WorkSheet.pdf (289 KB)
Repair Welding of Manganese Rails

RD500J_WorkSheet.pdf (618 KB)
Robotic Jointwelder for all kind of rails

Symbol-Functions-and-Keyboard-Summary.pdf (55 KB)

Connect your Remote Pendant Control RD100E (Evolution) via USB with PC
and transfer program or data with RD2000 Data-Transfer-Program.
With Remote RD100E, you can save as special welding program, data
or Auto-Start-Program on Chip-Card.

If you are missing special program or data, please send Email.
Our welding units can be used at all different kind of welds, universal
steel construction, shipbuilding, railway maintenance ...
Development is always on top of time and highly flexible.
If you have any question or need, don't hesitate to contact.

Dorn-Robot Android Android Application for Download Dorn-Robot Android

RD2000.apk (3.1 MB)
Android Data-Transfer-Program for Quality Management, SelfCheck, Special Welding Programs.
Wireless connected to welding unit by Bluetooth.

Visit our Android support-page for more information
about wireless remote pendant control and data transfer.

Windows Programs for Download

RD2000.zip (245 KB)
Data-Transfer-Program for Quality Management, SelfCheck, Special Welding Programs.
Connected to welding unit by Bluetooth wireless, USB-port or RS232 cable.

UserCard.zip (29 KB)
Data-Transfer-Program for use with memory user card
and Chip-Card reader.

RD100E Assembler Programs for Download

RD100E -5P-.mon (5,75 KB)
Optimised surfacing program with 5 Teach-In points.

RD100E -HardFace-.mon (8,00 KB)
Optimised hardfacing program with 6 Teach-In points.

V-Shape.mon (8,00 KB)
Real size viewing of welding pattern and automatic long distance welds.

SelfCheck.mon (4,75 KB)
Will be used for Quality Management.

DecoderCheck.mon (512 Bytes)
Will be used for Quality Management.

Welding Data for Download.

Default.rdo (8,00 KB)
Default welding parameters of all 21 programs.

SurfaceCheck.rdo (8,00 KB)
Will be used for Quality Management.

Jointwelder.rdj (1,00 KB)
Default rail names and parameters for RD500J Jointwelder.

DLL for complete remote of RDXXX welding units
and easy embedding to your existing QM or CAM software.

DLL Message Box

Because of unlimited possibilities, please send
E-Mail with short description of your needs.

Main Functions
-Get/Set 4-axis positioning coordinates
-Get/Set Welding parameters and sequences
-Get/Set up to 1200 Teach-In points
-Get/Set remote key-codes for adjustments